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Tourist Host

Tourism is changing - there are hundreds of tools and strategies which can help make your enterprise more successful. Get in-depth knowledge and first hand practise from the best players in the industry.

Course gives a broad knowledge in:
Digital infrastructure for the hospitality industry
Digital tourist brand/product promotion
Proactive customers’ recruitment
Driver’s license snowmobile
Guidance and presentation techniques
General industry knowledge
Hosting, intercultural understanding and conflict management
Snowmobile operating

1. Snow Mobile: many different companies use snowmobiles as a means of transport, both as transport to and from accommodation but also for guided tours. The goal is for the student to acquire knowledge and take tests regarding the safe driving of snowmobiles. A driver’s license is required when driving a snowmobile according to law.

2. Guidance: The purpose of the course is for the student to obtain tools and knowledge to be able to prepare and carry out guiding, from the guest’s perspective, the goal and purpose of the experience.

3. Digital Infrastructure: The purpose of the course is to meet the need for and follow the process in the hospitality industry where you digitize certain parts of businesses, in order to streamline and reach a wider target group.

4. General industry knowledge: The course aims to provide the applicant with the skills and tools required to create an understanding of the hospitality industry as an industry.

5. Hosting, intercultural understanding and conflict management: The purpose of the course is to understand and immerse oneself in Hosting. The course will touch on topics such as service, treatment, rhetoric, situational presence and seeing needs.


After completing the education, the student must have knowledge of / in:

Marketing and sales
The role of the tour operator
Have an understanding of different agents and agreements
Destination knowledge Swedish Lapland and the Sami culture
Knowledge of how to carry out activities in nature in a sustainable way
Local food culture and ingredients
Customer benefit and customer satisfaction
Problem solving and conflict management
Cultural differences regarding service and treatment
Presentation technique – To be able to convey knowledge
Safety routines
Driving snowmobiles in terrain: rules, waterways
Safety review of scooters
Organize digital meetings and events
Post stories and make posts on various social media
Photography and film knowledge
Powerpoint as a tool

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