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Make crisis into an opportunity – go online and create new experiences for tourists and guests
We will help you and your team to develop a holistic approach to online promotion of your enterprise. Whether it is a city, theme park, nature spot, hotel or restaurant – all enterprises do better when they attract guests and customers online. When planning their trip your potential guests check social media, advisory apps and ranking apps. You should be present and active there!

Our course is called HOSPITALITY LEADER and offers an in-depth, hands-on approach to creating online presence for your city, municipality or brand.

Take the course yourself or send your team to elevate their skills and let us help you to MAKE A CHANGE!

Food Entrepreneurship

Food Entrepreneurship

Build your dream brand or enterprise within the food industry and scale it up online
OK, so you have an idea and it’s awesome. Maybe you have a product and it’s delicious. But how about making a real business out of it? How about expanding the base of your potential customers to... an infinite number? Impossible? Well, since we have internet, let’s wait with an answer.

Our FOOD ENTREPRENEUR course offers you and your team an in-depth, hands-on approach to gathering the knowledge needed to create brand in the food industry. A thriving, tasty, internet savvy brand which will reach your customers across the internet.

Please check the content of the course. MAKE A CHANGE!

Agile Management

Agile Management & Circular Economy

Create a sustainable and effective enterprise - lead it to success with respect for environment
Agile and SCRUM – combine your leadership and your team’s success with modern project methods. Coach your team, adapt your leadership to goal management, modern project development while learning to deal with never ending change.
The circular economy is becoming a necessity, as we have to grow our enterprises with concern about its carbon footprint and social impact. Business can be green and profitable at the same time!

Please check the content of the course. MAKE A CHANGE!

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