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Changemaker Educations and Futuregames offer upskilling and reskilling within the games, creative and digital industries

Learn to Change | Change to Learn

Nordreisa is set to become a thriving game hub, for both games education and game studios. Changemaker Educations and our game school Futuregames are now opening in Nordreisa in collaboration with Halti Business Park. A remote school with a global reach.

Changemaker Educations has been running educations for over 25 years and educated several thousand people within the games, tech and creative industries. We started our journey in Stockholm, Sweden, and today have five hubs in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Boden, Skellefteå, Karlstad) and one hub in Norway (Nordreisa). Futuregames is the brand name for our game educations, and we have been named the second best game school in the world by The Rookies. 

We identify the future needs of competences and skills on the job market, and designs innovative and effective educational programs and courses thereafter. We develop the competence of today’s and tomorrow’s professionals, self-employed, and entrepreneurs, and give them the tools to shape the future.

Our previous students are current professionals in the games industry, communication, computer/IT, web development, e-commerce, and organization/leadership, in among other places Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, France, Australia, and Malaysia. More than 250 teach- ers and guest teachers have worked at our educations over the years. More than 300 companies are tied to our educations through former students, teachers, and collaborative projects.

Learning is everything

We believe education is the solution to everything – and that if we keep learning, we can continue to develop the world in a sustainable direction. We’re driven by helping people find their dedication and their context, to be able to develop themselves, their surroundings, and society at large, together.

In Sweden, we work with higher vocational educations (YH educations), folk high school educations, and single-subject courses for individuals and organizations. In Norway, we are now happy to be able to offer a wide range of single-subject courses for organizations to help them better navigate in the digitalized society. We also aim to open a Fagskole within short.



To provide each individual with the competence and the context they need to be able to contribute to sustainable change, for themselves and for society.


To be a school that provides innovative educations that gives people updated skills and tools to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


Second best game school in the world

Futuregames is one of the world’s leading game schools, offering different training programs on different levels, for professionals as well as for wanna be game developers and artists. Futuregames is the game bransch of Changemaker Educations. 

Futuregames works closely together with the Swedish Games Industry both on a national and regional levels. The companies are part of the Boards of the different educations which gives accurate and updated content and programs.

In Sweden we work with Higher Vocational Educations including Game Programmer, Game Designer, Game & UX Designer, Game Tester, Project Manager, 2D Artist and 3D Artist. Since 2008 we have educated more than 2000 individuals for the Swedish and International gaming industry (from Indie to AAA).

In Norway, starting in 2023, we will establish a new presence and hub for the Norwegian games industry in Nordreisa.


  • Tom Løyche, CEO
  • Per Myrén, Head of Development

  • Harry Arne Haugen, principal Fagskolen in Tromsø 

  • Erling Ellingsen, marketing director Funcom

  • Siv Elin Hansen, Dep. Leader Nord-Troms high school

  • Henriette Myrlund, game developer, Tromsø

  • Sebastian Henriksen, student representative Tromsø


Learning by doing - learning by reflection - action learning

The central pedagogical idea of education is learning through application and subsequent reflection on the application process. We focus on learning through application to create maximum experience accumulation already in training process but also to create awareness about their own learning process. The pedagogy is an adaptation of the Dewey activity pedagogy, designed to fit the industry’s recruitment needs. Simulation of production under realistic conditions is the pedagogy that we argue is needed to educate skilled employees.

This pedagogy and its associated methods ensures that the training initiative and change-resistant people are given the educational process is governed by clear rigid frames. Too much regimentation with too little space for creativity and initiative in education creates passive people. Too much creativity and simulation without security and frameworks, coaching and support staff creates insecurity.

We have identified a number of critical factors during the various training courses we have conducted, which strenghtens the success of this pedagogy. If we do not take full account of these factors there is a risk that the education does a ”crash landing”, meaning that students and teachers and other staff are worn out and thus destroying the learning process.


These critical factors are:

  • Objective: Whether it’s the projects, courses or training as a whole must be clear objectives and appropriate for, and constantly be the focus of both students and teachers.
  • Frames: The resources – time, finances, facilities, personnel, technology, etc. as students and staff involved must be clear to enable them to respond to them.
  • Attitude to Learning: All concerned must be / become aware that all are learning – as a student teacher and you find yourself in a situation of constant learning.
  • Feedback and reflection: Students and teachers need to have systematic and consistent feedback on what they do: projects, assignments, lecture, etc. What have they learned? What do they take with them?
  • Systematization: Organization, communication and information channels must be clear and transparent.
  • Basic Values: Education must have a clear set of values that permeates the entire education, from kitchen and entrance to lectures and collaborative projects.


This is the start of a learning journey and educational design sprint together with the people, businesses and public sector in Nordreisa. Please reach out if you are interested to learn more about our educational programs or if you want to collaborate.

Tom Loyche


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