Nano education in Health Care

About the education

Nano education in health care

Skills training with the help of language-adapted nano education – tailored to your needs. Deliver the right healthcare knowledge at the right time, regardless of time and place, via a mobile application.

Nano educational courses are 1 – 3 minute language-adapted instructional videos that are distributed to the users through an app. The instructional videos can be distributed over time or be used as a knowledge database. The information can be given in different languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, and English).

The nano educational courses are developed according to the client need, to ensure you can deliver effective and educational information easily to the people who need it.



In partnership with Visible Care

Our Health Care courses are given in partnership with Visible Care. Visible Care is an education company that offers education in the area of ​​Healthcare. We offer skills training with the help of language-adapted nano education as well as education, courses, and lectures in healthcare. We work in both adult education and polytechnics as well as with competence development of public activities.


How to apply

Contact us to tailor an educational program for your needs.

Course manager

Course manager

Marcus Lindborg

Business Development / Health Tech

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