Digital Meetings and Conferences Facilitator

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Digital Meetings and Conferences Facilitator

One of the most desired skills in corporate culture nowadays - be the part of digital transition

After completing the course, the student will have knowledge of:

● the differences between physical and digital meetings

● behavioral changes and driving forces

● driving forces to be able to motivate from a distance

● digital patterns and changes in group dynamic processes

● digital security

● laws and regulations in Data / IT

● traditional, analogue and digital communication sciences

● digital learning methodology

● development processes


Type of professional experience:
Two (2) years of related professional experience is required to be able to assimilate the content of the course, as it is based on previous experience of leading and facilitating meetings, events and conferences.

Good existing knowledge of English is required to be able to lead and facilitate meetings in English, which in many larger organizations is the working and group language.

After completing the course, the student will have skills in
● quality assuring digital tools
● conducting digital workshops
● conducting internal and external digital meetings
● understanding the complexity of digital meeting management and adapting methods to needs and goals
● planning digital events and conferences
● communicating internally and externally with digital tools
● identifying behavioral and relationship changes in the organization
● understanding the relationship between physical and digital encounters between personnel

After completing the course, the student will have the competence to
● support the implementation of a digital way of working in an organization
● conduct a technically secure digital workshop / digital meeting
● design customer journeys that alternate between physical and digital presence ● quality assure their organization in a digital context
● support an organization in a relocation
● identify a tendency to change in the organization

* By related professional experience it is meant experience in some form of leadership and / or communications.

* By two (2) years it is meant at least one year of continuous full-time employment together with another (1) year of full-time employment or shorter periods / part-time of employment, which in total corresponds to full-time employment for another (1) year.

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