Business Digital Facilitator

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Business Digital Facilitator

Let's meet in digital workspace - here is everything you need to know to become a highly skilled driving force of the digitalisation in your company or municipality.

After completing the course, the student will have knowledge of:
* the differences in the planning and implementation of physical and digital meetings
* behavioral changes and driving forces in a changing work environment
* driving forces to be able to motivate an organization from a distance
* digital patterns and changes in group dynamic processes
* digital security laws and regulations in Data / IT
* traditional, analogue and digital communication science
* digital learning methodology
* development and work processes in digital and hybrid projects
* business-critical thinking in the implementation of a digital / hybrid-controlled approach


After completing the course, the student will have skills in:
* quality assuring digital tools
* conducting digital workshops
* conducting digital internal and external meetings
* understanding the complexity of digital meeting management and adapting methods to the needs and goals of planning digital conferences
* communicating internally and externally with digital tools
* identifying behavioral and relational changes in the organization and suggest relevant changes
* understanding the relationship between physical and digital encounters and its effects between people
* being able to assess and communicate the efficiency and relevance between physical / hybrid / digital meetings
* identifying, planning and securing critical business benefits with a digital or hybrid work environment

After completing the course, the student will have competence in independently leading a following positions:
* supporting the implementation of a digital way of working in an organization
* conducting a technically secure digital workshop / digital meeting
* designing customer journeys that alternate between physical and digital presence * quality assure their organization in a digital context
* supporting an organization in a relocation
* identifying a tendency to change in the organization

Professional roles
1 Business-critical digital facilitator
2 Business developer digital processes
3 Process leader
4 Process Manager Digital Production
5 Project managers distributed teams

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